Engine:                       4 stroke, gasoline powered. like Honda GX-210 

Displacement:             210 cc.

Horsepower:                7 h.p.

Fuel:                           gasoline.

Engine start:                Electric\ manual

Drivetrain:                    2 speeds forward.

Fuel-Tank Capacity:     4 liters.(About 2-3 working hours )

Brakes:                       Separate disk brakes

Tyre size:                    25х12-9 KingTyre 

Tyre pressure:             0.1- 0.2 атм.

Weight:                       89kg. (without starter, battery and led light) \ 93kg (with starter, battery and led light)

Max speed:                 35 km\h

Max depth of snow cover overcaome: 45 sm

Fasl folding capability.